Improvisation Theater: Wallah Haram! "Fatma and Hans" Fatma Express and Lux - Theater of the Moment

On November 20, 2022, a special improvisational theater performance took place at the Lagerhaus Cultural Center: Wallah Haram! "Fatma and Hans" with the actors Saher Azad Abdulla Khanaqa-Kükelhahn and Christian Wolfgang Sauter from Dotternhausen. Together with the audience, they explored the pitfalls of coexistence and played with the clichés in people's minds.
The characters Fatma and Hans stand for two different cultures that are confronted with each other in a humorous way. It is about stereotype desensitization and the connecting between the cultures. But also about laughter and the relaxed looseness in dealing with each other. An evening full of clichés and shared discoveries.
The performance offered not only an entertaining change of pace, but also an important message for respectful coexistence. The ticket prices were deliberately unconventional. Migrants who brought a German with them got in for free. Germans who came accompanied by migrants were given a sack of potatoes. Everyone else was allowed to donate what they could.