Multiplier training

The five-day multiplier training from 13.11 to 27.11.2021 at the House of Resources Bremen: Dealing with intersectional anti-discrimination work for MSOs.

Participation in this programme should empower all those who seek to advance the cause of diversity and equal participation on a daily basis. In order to successfully address anti-discrimination, it is necessary to recognise and address discrimination.

13.11.2021. 11:00 am. Prejudice-conscious perception and prejudice-conscious action
19.11.2021. 16:30. Power and privilege, what is discrimination?
20.11.2021. 11:00. Intersectional anti-discrimination approach
26.11.2021. 16:30. Discrimination in language. Who helps me in Bremen?
27.11.2021. 11:00. Practice transfer