Networking meeting: Language and language support

On 06 September 2021, the networking meeting: Language and Language Support took place at the House of Resources Bremen. The next projects were presented at the meeting:

1. Language Coordination Office of the State of Bremen - a project of the Centre for School and Work, presented by Mr. Patrick Bohne (project manager)
The Language Coordination Office initiates and coordinates German courses for adult migrants in the state of Bremen.
2. the cafe - a project of Malteser Hilfedienst e.V., presented by Ms Uta Beyer (project coordinator of Malteser Hilfedienst e.V.)
The Malteser Hilfedienst's integration café is all about getting into conversation with each other and putting the language skills you have acquired into practice.
3. Service Centre German at the Workplace - A project by RKW Bremen, presented by Claudia Oefele (project manager)
Language barriers can be one reason why cooperation is difficult. The "RKW Service Agency German at the Workplace" advises, informs and
helps you to remove these hurdles.